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What Brands Should I Buy?

There has been an overwhelming brand campaign from brands that want to virtue signal about how woke they are. These campaigns look something like the following meme:

Which doesn’t show because after only 3 days of this website existing, my Instagram API access has been IP-banned.

The response to these campaigns has been overwhelming criticism. People are tired of hearing about how [Brand] cares about [Social topic] that is caused by the capitalist system that [Brand] uses to generate wealth. One Angry Gamer decided it was enough, and created the Traitors of America list: a list of every company and celebrity that has publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

I find the Traitors of America list valuable but ultimately shallow. Even though all of these names have bent the knee to the mob, that doesn’t mean that they understand what the movement is. Some of these businesses let their PR department post the images in solidarity because it’s as simple as posting a tweet. So who are the real culprits?

That, readers, is my next big project.

South Park wrote a whole episode on consumerism. The message was that anti-consumers actually ruin the economy by slowing the circulation of wealth that allows businesses to pay their employees, who then can go out and buy stuff from those businesses. A cycle of wealth generation that leads to healthy 2-3% inflation every year.

When people stop buying things, they hoard wealth. This hoarding leads to deflation of the currency. The beginning of this is a currency shortage, like the coin shortage that started yesterday.

What does that have to do with businesses virtue signaling? Well, the best way to get back at businesses that fake social values to make money is to stop buying from them. We boycott these businesses and they lose their sales, which decreases their economies of scale, which increases the prices of their goods relative to the local businesses that don’t side with insane identity politics.

This isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds, and the reason why is all the more reason to boycott these businesses: they are slowly vertically integrating their businesses, allowing them to eliminate price competition. Amazon’s Prime credit card from Chase is a good example of how they are controlling the financial system. You can save 5% on everything if you use this card. You can finance at 0% for 18 months. A lot of Amazon’s best deals only trigger when you use this card on items shipped and sold by Why wouldn’t you buy from Amazon, when you already pay $10/month for Amazon Prime, and get two-day shipping along with all the TV and movies you can watch?

You must resist their lies. They are banking on you trusting them and then forgetting to check prices when they artificially jack them up.

These companies are already collecting every bit of data they can and selling it to every marketing company in the world. That includes the Communist Party of China.

Facebook is in the middle of an adpocalypse because they refused to censor conservative voices, even though they do frequently, according to some whisteblowers. Some brands are holding out. Those are the brands that don’t bend to the will of mob rule. Those are the the brands that don’t bully others into believing what they do. Those are the brands that uphold the doctrine of capitalism and don’t shorten their market segment to the intersectional leftists.

I will make a list of brands that are okay to use, other than your local family-owned businesses that you should be buying from anyways. For now, here is the list from that article about the Facebook adpocalypse that otherwise haven’t betrayed American citizens like American Express did when they expanded to China:

  • Home Depot
  • Wells Fargo
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Domino’s
  • AT&T

And, I would argue that AT&T and Wells Fargo aren’t safe either. Wells Fargo played a huge part in the 2008 financial crisis and AT&T enabled the surveillance state.

And to the list of celebrities that are most definitely cool:

  • Elon Musk
  • Kanye West

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Biden’s Racism: What We Know

At 22:09 on Wednesday, June 24, an anon posted this thread on 4Chan.

That anon is also the anonymous admin of this blog.

I don’t care about taking the credit (well maybe a little) for uncovering what might be a critical piece of information for the upcoming election: that presidential front-runner Joe Biden is not only related, but directly descended from, and named after, several prominent slave owning individuals in Maryland. How has this information has been sitting out in the open in public archived census data without a single person uncovering it? It seems suspicious that a family tree created in 2010 on did not lead to the uncovering of this information for another decade.

The inspiration for this internet sleuthing was this terrible 2008 meme that Snopes has clearly debunked:

Joe Biden’s great-grandfather Joseph J. Biden (1828 – 1880) was a slave-owner and fought for the Confederate States of America

I give Snopes credit only for framing this article within hours of the original /pol/ thread as misdirecting the facts: that it was Joe Biden’s grandmother Mary Biden (maiden name Robinette) whom descended from the Robinette slave owners in Maryland.

As a reasonable person, I don’t believe that an individuals’ ancestry determines the legitimacy of them as a person. However, the radical left does, in fact, believe that ancestry plays an extensive role. The theory of intersectionalism begins and ends with the ideas that white oppressors have prejudice towards other races in varying amounts because of past subjugation of cultures seen as lesser by white folks. Those who profited off the slave trade are the worst: white Americans who built their agricultural economy with slave labor and subjugated Chinese immigrants to construct railroads at great cost to their own people. These beliefs have pushed the radical left to tear down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and call for the removal of the Emancipation Proclamation statue in Washington D.C.; one that literally portrays Abraham Lincoln breaking the chains from a slave; a statue paid for by blacks and commissioned by Frederick Douglass himself.

Thus, the radical left’s presidential candidate of choice should be free of all forms of racism, even those by proxy. But is he?

The answer is a very resounding “no.”

Joe Robinette Biden, Jr, is the son of a man with the same name, and the grandson of Joseph H. Biden. Joseph H married Mary A. Robinette, daughter of George Robinette and Mary Hanafee. View full tree here (screenshot). George is the son of Moses and the grandson of Jessie (Jesse).

Jesse Robinette, for which there are 2 entries in the 1830 Maryland census, owned either 7 or 16 slaves. Here is the 16 slave entry:

This is a composite of two images from a census archive. This website was not archivable, but you can find the screenshots here that prove these two pages are adjacent.

Rebel News shortly posted an article with the 7 slave entry. If either are true, it is damning. But is there also a possibility that they are the same Jesse? It appears that they are both spelled in a funky way: Jefse. In 18th Century English the long s or double s was styled as a tall f. I am no historian, but using my understanding of German, this would actually reduce to Jessse. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what are the chances that two different men with the name Jesse misspelled their own name in the same way in a rural colony of early Maryland with a unique name such as Robinette? I looked through the family tree and found no other Jesse Robinettes. This intrigues me.

This estate record indicates the relationships of these people in the family tree:

And this estate record (page 22) indicates that Jesse Robinette, the one married to Dorcas Robinette, owned not 16 but 17 slaves. Each of them named in the top of the first column:

On top of this, there are also multiple records of more Robinettes owning a total of 42 slaves in the Maryland Archives Legacy of Slavery:

Basically, the Robinettes owned slaves. And Snopes can suck a fat one.

Now, does this reflect on Biden at all? I implore you to take a look at the following headline:

And watch the CNN clip of Biden’s thoughts about the use of school buses to desegregate schools:

And finally, watch the following CSPAN clip from 1985 where Biden reads the n-word from a memo without pausing:

That last one may have been a bit petty; but the point is this: where is the outcry about how Biden literally did these things? Where is the outcry that Biden is the descendant of a prominent enslavement family in Maryland, and that he takes his middle name, Robinette, from them?

As long as you can be a useful idiot to their cause, these people do not care about what their candidate actually stands for. Joe Biden is a shell of a candidate. He stands for nothing. This means that the radical left does not vote on principle but rather on the simple platform of defeat Donald Trump. Folks like me have known this for a while.

As you look around you and see what is happening to our monuments and our universities, do you really believe that this election is just about who gets to be president? This election is the attempted coup de gras by a radical group of leftists. These leftists have spent decades infiltrating the university system, spending billions in taxpayer money to indoctrinate our young up-and-coming skilled workers into the ideology of intersectionality. Many of those not participating in these riots are still prone to the lens of intersectionality, and more are sympathetic to their cause. Even more sit back and do nothing.

Joe Biden is a vessel for their anger. They may have planned to get him into power, then prove that he is a racist using this information, and forced him to resign, leaving his yet-to-decide Vice President to take over. Or maybe they planned that one of us internet sleuths would find this and plaster it on the internet organically so that when the primaries are over they can replace Biden as the nominee at the convention in an even worse flipping of their own base than 2016’s tyrannous collusion of chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton.

It doesn’t matter now. We know. Snopes is already trying to cover it up.

Are you going to let them tear down our culture’s monuments to freedom of speech, slave abolition, democracy, and presidency over monarchy? Are you going to let them ban our books and movies and TV?

If they do, they’d better tear down this old relic with them.