College Discreditation

This is a list of colleges that have lost all credibility.

I’m completely serious when I say that we should consider all research from these Universities post-2012 as potential hogwash and cross reference all findings with other sources. The professors should resign immediately. Don’t send your kids here and certainly don’t attend yourself.

University of California (and the rest of California)

Voted to start up affirmative action (archive), which was against the State of California constitution due to a 1996 Civil Rights amendment: Prop 209. The response was the California congress decided to repeal Prop 209 with 2020 Prop 16 (archive), which outs the California assembly as still using that 1960s study that claimed women made 77 cents per 1 dollar that men made.

California State University

They said math is racist because black people can’t do algebra. Math. Is racist. It sounds more like California State University is racist. Currently, all freedom-lovers should avoid the state of California altogether.

University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

They capitulated to demands that black students be graded differently than other students, which is literally the most racist policy you can invoke in academia.

Cambridge University (Cambridge, U.K.)

After Professor Priyamvada Gopal tweeted “White Lives Don’t Matter” and this tweet was removed from Twitter, the public demanded she be removed from her publicly funded position of power. A petition was signed over 20,000 times before removed the petition. Instead of discipline, the professor was promoted to Associate Professor for her bravery.