Operation Google

Yes, 4chan is at it again. What is Operation Google?

Basically, every time you want to use a bad word, you replace it with the name of a censorious corporation that cares nothing for America. Sound easy?

It is.

Why bother though?

Google has decided it is going to censor search results from naughty words (Why are you still using Google when DuckDuckGo doesn’t track your data?). YouTube has been doing this for a while. Twitter does it. Facebook does it.

Here’s the legend for Operation Google, according to the 4chan post:


Honsestly, we need to work in some better legend words. How about slurs for Facebook? What about Twitter?

Update: there are some additions made to the legend:

The point it, make your freak flag fly and spew racially charged garbage; just remember to censor yourself with a member of the church of Silicon Valley.

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