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Robinette Biden Slavery Part 2

As a follow-up to my previous post, I have some information to add about the Robinette family.

The Robinettes were clearly a slave-owning family. There are many census records from Maryland showing that Jesse and Moses J. Robinette, the great-grandfather and grandfather of Mary Robinette, claimed slaves. Their estates also contain slave inventories, some with names.

Additional documents have been procured from the estates of Jesse and then of his wife Dorcas. These estates show the names of the slaves that were held by these individuals. Take a look:

From these documents, I can put together the names of the following individuals as slaves of the Robinette family:

  • Ben
  • Bob
  • Thomas (Tom)
  • Joshua
  • Nancy
  • Bets
  • Solomon
  • William
  • Henry
  • David
  • James
  • Polly
  • Fivitta?
  • Louisa

Some of these names are common, but one particularly stood out to me. Solomon, an uncommon name, appears more often than just in these documents. In an 1850 Virgina census, Solomon Robinette declaring himself born in Virginia, 1 year older than Jane Robinette. And under those two? George Robinette. Was this the George Robinette that fought in the Civil War and fathered Mary A. Biden?

Solomon appears again in the 1860 Virgina census with the same Jane and George, but this time declares himself 57 years old (last entry on first page) and place of birth as Tennessee:

I think it’s time to start tracking down the descendants of these Robinettes. Who was Solomon? Who were Henry, David, and William?

Any help is appreciated. Please send any data you uncover about these men and women to

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