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I’m starting a thread on the Oregon fires, possibly started by Antifa militants. Why?

Because this would be the most devastating terror attack in US history if true.

First link: Coos Bay Antifa talking about Phoenix fire: Creek fire, near Eugene Oregon (not the big one) caused by 44-year-old Mapleton resident Elias Newton Pendergrass…

Local fire chief says a middle-aged man was spotted starting a brush fire southeast of Eugene…

I’m having trouble finding ones specifically in OR that aren’t unvetted nonsense so here’s the one in Tacoma by the actual Antifa member:…

Almeda Wildfire near Ashland is being investigated as arson.
“One thing I can say is that the rumor it was set by Antifa is 100% false information,” the police chief said by email.

Coastal Oregon county fire caused by human activity, but details are still unknown.

The Riverside Fire just SE of Portland has a cause listed as Human but no other information is known at this time.

The Beachie Creek fire east of Salem has the cause is listed as unknown. The fire east of this fire that burned through Detroit lake is listed as Lightning.

The fire east of Eugene (and Springfield) also has an unknown cause at this time.

There are evacuation orders to leave immediately for a gigantic part of the state near the Portland Metro area. These regions are growing rapidly.

Google reports that the fires have already consumed a large portion of Silver Falls State Park, an icon and major tourist destination (blue).

Interview with federal law enforcement, who claim:
“We are reacting to a coordinated series of attempts to start fires anywhere and everywhere in Oregon. Public and Private lands, incorporated and unincorporated areas”

This politician’s tweet was debunked by Douglas County in a viral facebook post. Something doesn’t seem right here

Fire east of Portland near Hood River ruled human cause
Unroll available on Thread Reader

The Brattain Fire east of Crater Lake (far away from Portland in central southern Oregon) ruled human cause
Unroll available on Thread Reader

Evacuation approaching six digit figure of displaced people. If you live in Oregon I would advise stocking up on supplies, but only take what you need.

Rapidly expanding evac borders, contrast to earlier post.Video of woman at site with @ClackCoSheriff department apparently arresting people for setting fires.×568/i1M_M3Fuc6pmnrYN.mp4?tag=10

regon Office of Emergency Management has reported that 500,000 people have evacuated as a result of wildfires. 10% of the state has been displaced.

Clackamas County scanner reports arsonists throwing molotov cocktails out of cars Security video of fire being started by lurker in Graham, WA yesterday. Link:…

Martin poles adjacent to Interstate 5 in Lynnwood, WA appear to have been cut with a chainsaw.

‘Very dangerous’: Police and FBI investigate power poles cut with chainsaw in Snohomish CountyBecause of the potential for serious injury and the fact that someone is tampering with the public power supply, the FBI is now assisting in the investigation. calls the facts long before anyone has them, again.…

Is ‘Antifa’ Setting Wildfires in Oregon?Law enforcement pleaded with social media users to stop spreading such hoaxes. the scanner I’m hearing that shots have been fired from a Toyota pickup truck around Estacada High School, which is in the Level 3 evac zone of the Riverside fire.

The police just denied service because they don’t have the resources to investigate. Utah: “There are currently 14 confirmed fire spots, all started between 1-5 am Saturday morning. These were intentionally set fires, not caused by dragging chains, abandoned campfires, etc.”

Scanner just identified spent ammunition on the ground near an SUV. 

CURFEW in effect in Clackamas County as fire spreads and first responders struggle to answer calls

Scanner: near HWY 211 and Spring Lake RD: 4 armed men seen running from house, presumably looting premises Scanner: heavily armed neighborhood watch on patrol Update on 211 and Spring Lake call: armed individuals were defiant, “they were searching for Antifa people starting fires” Oregon Republicans weigh in:

Just saw this posted on FB.Scanner: Someone poured gasoline all over the ground on 82nd drive Here’s some more scanner data if people are interested in that:

New, looks real, can /pol/ get on IDing this guy? Could have Antifa in his socials.

Scanner: “People were setting off fireworks and bottle rockets, three males” It’s a felony to do this right now, by the way Update to zones at Riverside fire: west of Stayton area increased to Level 2.

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