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What Brands Should I Buy?

There has been an overwhelming brand campaign from brands that want to virtue signal about how woke they are. These campaigns look something like the following meme:

Which doesn’t show because after only 3 days of this website existing, my Instagram API access has been IP-banned.

The response to these campaigns has been overwhelming criticism. People are tired of hearing about how [Brand] cares about [Social topic] that is caused by the capitalist system that [Brand] uses to generate wealth. One Angry Gamer decided it was enough, and created the Traitors of America list: a list of every company and celebrity that has publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

I find the Traitors of America list valuable but ultimately shallow. Even though all of these names have bent the knee to the mob, that doesn’t mean that they understand what the movement is. Some of these businesses let their PR department post the images in solidarity because it’s as simple as posting a tweet. So who are the real culprits?

That, readers, is my next big project.

South Park wrote a whole episode on consumerism. The message was that anti-consumers actually ruin the economy by slowing the circulation of wealth that allows businesses to pay their employees, who then can go out and buy stuff from those businesses. A cycle of wealth generation that leads to healthy 2-3% inflation every year.

When people stop buying things, they hoard wealth. This hoarding leads to deflation of the currency. The beginning of this is a currency shortage, like the coin shortage that started yesterday.

What does that have to do with businesses virtue signaling? Well, the best way to get back at businesses that fake social values to make money is to stop buying from them. We boycott these businesses and they lose their sales, which decreases their economies of scale, which increases the prices of their goods relative to the local businesses that don’t side with insane identity politics.

This isn’t going to be as easy as it sounds, and the reason why is all the more reason to boycott these businesses: they are slowly vertically integrating their businesses, allowing them to eliminate price competition. Amazon’s Prime credit card from Chase is a good example of how they are controlling the financial system. You can save 5% on everything if you use this card. You can finance at 0% for 18 months. A lot of Amazon’s best deals only trigger when you use this card on items shipped and sold by Why wouldn’t you buy from Amazon, when you already pay $10/month for Amazon Prime, and get two-day shipping along with all the TV and movies you can watch?

You must resist their lies. They are banking on you trusting them and then forgetting to check prices when they artificially jack them up.

These companies are already collecting every bit of data they can and selling it to every marketing company in the world. That includes the Communist Party of China.

Facebook is in the middle of an adpocalypse because they refused to censor conservative voices, even though they do frequently, according to some whisteblowers. Some brands are holding out. Those are the brands that don’t bend to the will of mob rule. Those are the the brands that don’t bully others into believing what they do. Those are the brands that uphold the doctrine of capitalism and don’t shorten their market segment to the intersectional leftists.

I will make a list of brands that are okay to use, other than your local family-owned businesses that you should be buying from anyways. For now, here is the list from that article about the Facebook adpocalypse that otherwise haven’t betrayed American citizens like American Express did when they expanded to China:

  • Home Depot
  • Wells Fargo
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • Domino’s
  • AT&T

And, I would argue that AT&T and Wells Fargo aren’t safe either. Wells Fargo played a huge part in the 2008 financial crisis and AT&T enabled the surveillance state.

And to the list of celebrities that are most definitely cool:

  • Elon Musk
  • Kanye West

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